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Fire Alarms Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Installation and Servicing to comply with BS5839

Why should you have your Fire Alarm serviced?

Fire AlarmThe Fire Precautions Act, The Fire Precautions (Work Place) Regulations and many other pieces of Fire, Safety and Building legislation govern the servicing of Fire Alarm Systems. Some say it outright and others only imply it. Some legislation carries with it heavy penalties. - read more

We find most businesses only contact us when their local Fire Officer or Council Licensing Department are breathing down their necks for certificates or paperwork of their latest annual inspection. Whether you believe that you are obliged or not, you have a lot of capital invested in your Fire Alarm System. This would be wasted money if it didn't work.

When you need the Fire Alarm system to work, it will be to save someone's life, your property, or your business, so it must work properly. The only way that you can be confident that it will work is if a professional company using properly trained and qualified engineers regularly service it.

BS5839 requires Fire Alarm systems to be serviced at regular intervals per year.

Why not arrange to have your Fire Alarm serviced by J Building Services - before the authorities come knocking?